Always Honest Compliance and Ethics Program

The Always Honest Compliance and Ethics Program supports Viad’s commitment to comply with applicable laws and promote an ethical culture, and incorporates the Code of Ethics adopted by our Board of Directors.

To ensure our employees understand our reporting expectations and resources, we make the Always Honest Manual available to our employees online in all relevant languages.

Message from Viad’s President and CEO

Integrity is the cornerstone of Viad’s businesses and a fundamental part of our success. We define integrity as leading by example, meeting our commitments and doing the right thing for our shareholders, customers and fellow employees.

The values of integrity, ethical behavior and legal compliance are reinforced every day in our businesses through our Always Honest Compliance and Ethics Program, which was implemented in 1994. Every employee, officer and director of Viad and its operating companies is responsible for knowing, understanding and upholding these values.

It is my commitment and that of Viad’s management team to advance our well-established culture of integrity through leading by example and ensuring compliance with our values and standards. We believe that maintaining a culture of high ethical and legal standards provides Viad with a distinct advantage in recruiting and retaining top talent, driving the best value for our customers and attracting high-quality investors.

Steve Moster
President & CEO