Our people drive our success. We foster a culture that is equitable and inclusive, celebrates our talent, and prioritizes the safety and wellness of our teams, clients, and guests.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

We take pride in our diverse community, which we believe is critical to building a thriving workplace. We strive to create an environment where people of all different backgrounds feel a sense of belonging and contribute to our continued success, as explained further in our Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Policy. To make our workplace as inclusive and safe as possible, we have diversity and inclusion training integrated into our Always Honest Compliance and Ethics Program.

We do not discriminate against employees or applicants based on race, color, age, disability, ethnicity, citizenship, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, genetics or genetic information, or any other categories protected by applicable law. We are committed to equal opportunity in all of our employment activities, including, but not limited to, recruitment, hiring, compensation, determination of benefits, training, promotion, and discipline. We also provide reasonable accommodations to disabled persons, so all employees can achieve success in the workplace.

As a devoted steward to our communities, we are committed to increasing the diversity of our workforce to better reflect the communities in which we operate. We have undertaken initiatives, which go beyond legal compliance, to recruit from diverse audiences, such as minorities, women, and veterans. These efforts include leveraging inclusive job-posting sites and sharing job postings with community partners.

As part of our commitment to developing our employees and furthering their professional growth, we have programs in place including GES’ Business Development Mentor Program and newly launched training platforms for people leaders, including “Spiro.You” at Spiro, “Sales Leadership Program” at GES Exhibitions, and “Leaders’ Journey” at Pursuit. These programs connect employees with leaders within our organization and are designed to accelerate their career trajectory.

Our emphasis on a positive employee experience permeates throughout the organization and helps drive our success. For example, we conduct periodic employee engagement surveys to help us understand, recognize, and respect the diversity within our team. These surveys help shape our training and development plans to ensure we are maintaining an inclusive culture by engaging, developing, and retaining our talented team members across the globe.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Policy

At Viad, we believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is an ongoing journey, and we are proud of our DEI achievements so far, yet also cognizant of the work we still have ahead. An important part of our work and how we will ensure continual progress is by monitoring our U.S. and global diversity metrics.

We take pride in the diverse and talented group of people that make up our Board of Directors, executive management, and employees. We understand the value that a diverse workforce of varying genders, ethnicity, background, and experience brings to the Company, and we are focused on improving diversity at all levels.

An important part of our work and how we will ensure continual progress is by monitoring our diversity metrics. With our appointment of Beverly K. Carmichael and Patrick T. LaValley to our Board of Directors in 2022, we now have three female Board members and two minority members out of a total of eight non-employee Board members. In 2022, almost 50% of our overall global workforce was female.

U.S. Diversity1

Overall Workforce4

Global Gender Diversity2

Overall Workforce

1U.S. metrics exclude seasonal workers and part-time union personnel
2Global metrics exclude seasonal workers, part-time union personnel, and workforce in Iceland
3Executive management includes employees within two reporting levels of Viad’s CEO
4Person of color (POC) captures all employees who self-identify as non-white

Note: Gender and ethnicity metrics represent employees that have identified with the categories presented, which represents approximately 97% of total workforce for gender metrics, and approximately 57% of total workforce for ethnicity metrics

Workplace Safety

The safety and well-being of team members, clients, and guests is a leading core value. We believe that maintaining strong standards of health and safety improves employee productivity and operational efficiency and enhances employee well-being.

We have a responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy work environment. We take prompt action to correct unsafe or hazardous conditions; we promptly report work-related accidents and injuries in accordance with established procedures and applicable laws; we strive to follow all established work rules related to safety; we educate our workers to ensure they understand the risks, know how to handle hazardous products safely, and are familiar with available information for all hazardous materials used.

Both Pursuit and GES have implemented business-specific programs that support our commitment to the safety and well-being of our team members, clients, and guests.

Pursuit’s Safety Promise is our commitment to the safety and well-being of our guests and staff. Through this program, we ensure that everyone feels safe when visiting or working at our experiences and that these places can continue to make a positive impact. When you decide to visit us, you can feel confident that you’ve made the right choice.

GES' Always On Health and Safety Program was designed by our safety team to protect our employees, customers, partners, and event attendees. GES employees are committed to adhering to all local government and facility requirements and those established in conjunction with our partners and clients. Safe, reliable delivery of events is one of our most significant responsibilities.

In 2022, Viad had a global reportable incident rate1 of 1.6, which is below the US industry standard average rate2 of 2.9. We continue to strive toward our goal of zero reportable incidents.

1Global reportable incident rate is defined as employee incidents reportable in the operating jurisdiction. It is calculated as reportable incidents divided by payroll hours, multiplied by 200,000 to normalize the results.
2Overall industry average of incidence rates of non-fatal occupational injuries and illnesses for all industries including private, state, and local government, provided by US Bureau of Labor Statistics 2021. Published data lags one calendar year.

Labor Rights

At Viad, we endeavor to be a company where employees want to work. We pride ourselves in treating employees fairly and respectfully and are dedicated to upholding key human rights, as further explained in our Human Rights Policy. We strictly prohibit human trafficking, child labor, harassment, and discrimination. We also expect our suppliers to uphold these principles.

Human Rights Policy

Always Honest Compliance and Ethics Program

We believe that maintaining a culture of high ethical standards gives us a distinct advantage in recruiting and retaining top talent, delivering the best experience for our customers, and attracting shareholders. Our Always Honest Compliance and Ethics Program, with the full support of our Board of Directors, has guided us since 1994 to translate integrity into our everyday behavior and actions. The Always Honest Compliance and Ethics Program guides our employees to act honestly, ethically, and always in compliance with the law.