Welcome to Viad

Viad is a leading global provider of extraordinary experiences, including hospitality and leisure activities, experiential marketing, and live events through two businesses: Pursuit and GES.

Our Vision is to create the world’s most extraordinary experiences.

Our Mission is to drive significant and sustainable growth by delivering extraordinary experiences for our teams, clients, and guests.

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Global Attractions & Hospitality Company


Global Live Events & Experiential Marketing Company

Our corporate team is comprised of professionals in accounting, tax, finance, internal audit, treasury, information technology, human resources, and legal services, providing support to our family of companies from our headquarters in Scottsdale and throughout the US.

What is most amazing about our company is something that can’t be captured on a website. It’s our culture, the honesty and authenticity we bring to our work and each other. This sense of integrity and togetherness runs throughout our entire organization.

Our Name

The name Viad (pronounced VEE-ahd) is abstracted from the Latin root word “via,” meaning “by way of,” signifying movement and action. All companies under the Viad banner are in fast-paced industries. The hard “d” added to the end of “via” represents a very definite energetic and forceful spirit, as in the word “dynamic”. Put together – Viad is a symbol of our strength and motion, pointed and powerful, like the focused businesses under its banner. Our name was selected to take us into the future as a corporate entity to be reckoned with.