Our success, and that of our GES and Pursuit business units is built on a foundation of integrity, ethical behavior, corporate and social responsibility and compliance. As leaders in the live event and adventure travel industries, we uphold and are dedicated to being a responsible corporate citizen and a good steward of our environment. Our Board of Directors and senior management team strongly support our values, and they are reinforced every day in our businesses through our Always Honest Compliance and Ethics Program, which was implemented more than 20 years ago.


Sustainability is more than a responsibility; it’s the right thing to do. We are proud to be good stewards of the environment and take steps to reduce waste and emissions, and promote resource conservation, while at the same time proactively addressing potentially harmful actions.

Our pledge to environmental sustainability is ingrained in our business operations. We ensure that our employees, customers, and suppliers recognize that there are many things we can do to reduce our environmental footprint.

We are committed to:

  • Using energy efficiently
  • Conserving water and other natural resources
  • Reducing waste
  • Recycling when possible
  • Making purchasing decisions while keeping in mind those products and services that create the least environmental harm
  • Reporting any workplace conditions, including maintenance issues, that result in wasted resources
  • Sourcing with suppliers that adhere to our higher standard of environmental stewardship

We are proud of the fact that GES is the first, full-service events provider to earn both the APEX/ASTM Level 2 Certification in the US and ISO 20121 in the UK. In addition, GES’ United Kingdom operation in Sheffield is ISO 14001 certified.

APEX/ASTM - The APEX/ASTM standards for environmentally sustainable events specify performance criteria for staff management, communications, waste management, energy, air quality, water, procurement and community partners.  The standards were developed through a collaboration between APEX, the Convention Industry Council’s Accepted Practices Exchange, and ASTM, an ANSI-certified international standard development organization. 

 ISO 20121 – GES’ operations in the United Kingdom are ISO 20121 certified, which is a complex and challenging international standard accreditation that takes a management systems approach to running more sustainable events.

ISO 14001 – GES’ United Kingdom operation in Sheffield is ISO 14001 certified, which is the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system (EMS). It provides a framework that an organization can follow, rather than establishing environmental performance requirements.

Some of GES’ green practices include:

  • Paperless orders: Through our Expresso e-commerce platform, mobile app and onsite services, we have processed nearly 210,000 orders that were previously printed.
  • Graphics: We offer several substrates (bioboard, styrene, coroplast) that are 100 percent recyclable.
  • Flooring: We offer 100 percent recyclable plush carpet in booths, we use padding and plastic covering that is 100 percent recyclable and we recycle our ECHO aisle carpet.
  • Furniture: We reuse high-quality furniture six times before refurbishing and selling.
  • GEM Fit 2.0: We offer a 100 percent recyclable, LEED-compliant modular booth system for modern-looking booths that are also sustainable.
  • Transportation: 97 percent of our carriers participate in the EPA’s SmartWay Transport Partnership, and 95 percent of our lifts and riggers are powered by natural gas.

Click here for additional information on GES' commitment to environmental stewardship. 

Similarly, Pursuit is committed to sustainable tourism with a ‘Promise to Place’ that helps reduce our impact on the environment, while actively engaging with guests, employees and stakeholders to create a better future. We believe sustainable tourism makes the world a more knowledgeable and empathetic place. We honor the incredible natural locations and extraordinary communities in which we operate.

Here are just some of the many things we are doing across the Pursuit Collection to reduce emissions and waste:

  Reducing Emissions

Reducing Waste

In 2018 we made the following improvements:

  • We reduced our carbon emissions (kg)by 11% 1
  • We reduced our gas/fuel consumption (Gallons)by 12% 1
  • We reduced our propane consumption (Gallons) by 11% 1
  • We reduced our natural gas consumption (CCF) by 11% 1
  • We reduced our electricity consumption (kWh) by 1% 1
  • We increased our electricity generation (kWh) from solar power by 130%

 (Per $1,000 USD of revenue)

  • We recycled over 450 tons of concrete and steel during the renovation of the Banff Gondola.
  • We divert over 80 tons of material annually through recycling programs in Banff and Jasper.
  • We provide bottle refill stations that eliminated the need for 197k plastic water bottles in 2018.
  • We launched a single-serve compostable container and coffee cup program for our food services in Banff and Jasper.


Click here for additional information on Pursuit's commitment to environmental stewardship. 



We believe that maintaining a culture of high ethical standards gives us a distinct advantage in recruiting and retaining top talent, driving the best value for our customers and attracting shareholders. Our Always Honest Program, with the full support of our Board of Directors, has guided us since 1994 to translating integrity into our behavior and actions. Always Honest is our way of conducting ourselves — on behalf of the Company, with each other and with everyone we touch — honestly and ethically.




Our success comes from the hard work and commitment of all of our employees. Treating employees fairly and in accordance with the law is fundamental.

  • We strive to be an employer of choice and measure our success in this area through an employee engagement survey.
  • We abide by applicable wage and hour laws and government contract requirements, including relevant wage rates and overtime pay.
  • We administer all employee benefit plans honestly and in accordance with the law.
  • We respect employees’ lawful right of free association, as well as their right to form, join or not to join a labor union.
  • We bargain in good faith with all employee representatives, and comply with all provisions of collective bargaining agreements with our unionized employees.
  • We do not employ anyone under 16 years of age, and do not employ anyone under 18 years of age in a hazardous occupation.
  • We collect and use personal data only for legitimate business purposes and we take steps to protect that data from unauthorized disclosure.


Our path is one that allows every employee to work safely. We all have a responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.

  • We take prompt action to correct unsafe or hazardous conditions.
  • We promptly report work-related accidents and injuries in accordance with established procedures.
  • We follow all established work rules related to safety.
  • We ensure that our workers understand the risks, knows how to handle hazardous products safely, and are familiar with available information for all hazardous materials used, such as Material Safety Data Sheets or Risk and Safety statements.

Click here to learn more about GES EMEA's Health & Safety Policy for our employees and contractors



At Viad diversity and gender equality are critical in our vision to build a successful work place. Our team includes people from different backgrounds, all of whom contribute to our continued success.

  • We do not discriminate against employees or applicants on the basis of race, color, age, disability, ethnicity, citizenship, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, genetics or genetic information, or any other categories protected by law.
  • We do not base employment decisions on factors that have no bearing on the job, and do not make employment decisions based on illegal or otherwise improper considerations.
  • We provide reasonable accommodations to disabled persons, so that all employees can achieve success in the workplace.

We take pride in the diverse and talented group of people that make up our board of directors and executive management team. Our emphasis on equality permeates throughout the organization and helps drive our success.

Click here to learn more about Pursuit's commitment to diversity.

To learn more about GES EMEA's gender diversity metrics, read our latest Gender Pay Gap report.


We take pride in the steps we take to ensure that within our company and our suppliers we have effective systems and controls to safeguard against slavery and human trafficking.

  • We have a zero-tolerance approach and are committed to acting ethically and with integrity in our vendor/supplier relationships and our own labor practices to ensure that modern slavery is not taking place in our business or those of our partners.
  • This approach applies to all persons working for us in any capacity, including employees at all levels, consultants, contractors, and other business partners.


The suppliers, agents, and consultants who work with us are an important part of our success. We treat them with the same high level of respect with which we treat each other, and we take steps to ensure that those doing business with us and on our behalf uphold our standards of integrity and safety in all that they do for us.

  • We do not pressure or use a supplier or third party to conduct improper business activities.
  • We report as an Always Honest matter any suspected wrongdoing by a supplier or third party working with us or doing business on our behalf.
  • We take steps to ensure ethical and legal expectations are properly communicated as part of our business engagement with suppliers.
  • We do not use conflict minerals in any of our products, and we expect our suppliers to source materials from socially responsible suppliers.
  • We abide by all trade restrictions applicable to our business and take care not to conduct business with prohibited parties or import or export prohibited goods.


We encourage personal involvement in the political process, while adhering to laws that may restrict political contributions and participation and avoiding potential conflicts of interest. As individuals, we are all free to express our political views, support candidates of our choice, or run for office on our own time and at our own expense.

  • Should we choose to make political contributions with Company funds, we do so only where permitted by law.
  • We do not reimburse employees for their personal political contributions.